_ Last Thursday, we went to Calatagan Batangas to have a vacation.. actually it wasn’t planned. On the way there, we met an accident.. We almost died wen this 10 wheeler truck hit us…damn i was so scared!=( nun ngang paatras n kme dhl sa truck ngbounce na un car..it was just 10 inches away un wndshld na un tatamaan.. Thank God were alive.

_It was my baby’s birthday pa naman, d ko mtatanggap if dat day pko nmatay..haha! anyways, i txted him agad wen things were settled na sa police station, he called up agad, and muntik p dw xa mhuli while driving..


_I miss him na, and sa vacation super ngenjoy naman kme, kumuha kme ng mga starfishes! im gna put it on a frame, hehe! Super bariotic dn tlga don, hirap n hirap kme ni Ish mgbomba sa poso just to take a bath! we went boating for free! as in nadiskartehan ko si mamang bangkero..haha! the i found out cna Ish pla 1st time lng nila to ride a boat, lol…halos nmn yta lht ng beach resorts don npuntahan nmen, cuz sa pantalan kme dumaan, lol and finally nkpgreflect on stuffs.. haay, it feels so good to be back here..with sumthin different..=)

_well, 2mrw lalakad n nmn kme ni Ish dhl sa work..But d prn ako nkkpgdecide kng san tlga, too late nmn kc un time, mejo delekado d2..marami p nmng gago..=/


Laters & Love, Yzelle 

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1 Response to ENTRY 59: HOLY WEEK 2006

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi… you are gorgeous!! Happy Easter from London…drop by and leave a comment pls xx

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