i just got hme from Cebu.. SUPER TIRED AKO RITE NOW. Pero so far its all good. Im happy na nkipgayos n sken c Mike, he even called me up wen i was stil in Cebu. I was also touched dat his mom and cuz Gec watched my competition last Saturday. Happy coz even im tryin to get over him, tlgng ms mgiging msya ko if mggng ok kme. His cuz even talked to me, binayaran yata..lol But before his call, Jayson also called up and checked if im doin gud here, especially wen i ws also in d tour. Npapaicp lng ako kc wen i ws tryin to move on Jayson ws there, tpos eto n nmn c Mike, wla nmn akong assurance then bka gwin n nmn ulit sken, u knw wt i mean.. b4 Mike n I talked agn somehow ngging ok n kme ni Jayson, n tlgng he’s a good guy. Pero now that he’s back in Hawaii, parang im knda scared n nmn. Im afraid to take my pick.. MIchael_ im d one hu always get hurt, pero cge prn ako ng cge cuz mhal ko tlg.. Jayson_gud guy but i jst like him rite nw, pti he’s nt here either.. IM AFRAID NA MGKAMALI N NMN NG PICK, BUT THAT GUY KNOWS NA PIPILIIN KO XA PERO HW CN I B SO SURE THAT HE’S FOR REAL THIS TIME? ang hirap..tlgng mhl ko c mike no matter wat.. i hope God will gve me a sign…


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2 Responses to ENTRY 51: MIXED EMOTIONS

  1. Hey wats good. I c u subscribed to me so i wuz wonderin if i knew u? But yea i luv ur banner. So hit me bak.–>Kristel xoxo<–

  2. Anonymous says:

    random props =)wow you look kinda familiar..

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