Some good time!

Well guys im back..haha… actually last Tuesday pa.. but i was soO busy kc..u knoe nmn i still have the NCAA cheerdance competition cumin up this saturday so yea.. i raelly had a gud vacation in Ilocos! loved the beach.. and everything….

 Me and Pamela, we stopped over in Bulacan maybe this was shot at 2am.. look at my eyes..BAGONG GISING! lol

Arrival at the hotel… damn love d color of my hair here..ü


> after checking in, we went straight to the BEAUTIFUL white sand beach to have lunch..

The famous Pagudpud White sand Beach in Ilocos Norte! ( Villa Del Mar )

THE BEACH IS ALL MINE!!! hahahaha…

I’m loving it!

Getting hOot in heeerre!

with friends: Ingrid, Leah, Daniel, Alvin, Reg & Jay @ the back!

Love duh beach! [ Ing & meeh ]

Ingrid, ME & Reg..  in paradise!

with muh buddy Jed!…mga tuwang-tuwa!

hahaha…just having FUUUN!

 I’m happy..but i knoe i could hve been happier if….. even if i hate HIM, it wont hurt if i will still luv him, until it just fade away…I MISS MY BABY BOO.. but i knoe d ko n xa pwedeng mhalin.. hindi na dapat.. oh DRAMA!


@ Patapat Bridge, Laoag City

Back @ the Hotel for dinner!

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1 Response to ENTRY 49: ILOCOS HERE I COME!

  1. thnks for da passwrd… gud luck wid everythin..ingatsss lagi

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