> Im leaving for Ilocos tonite guys… im gna miss y’all..lol

> im so happy, i got heal hot part on the routine..super cutieee pa partner ko..

> I got Jayson na, dami pang u know..haha! Im happy kc i thought sobra kong malulungkot after wat happened, u know wat i mean.. pero no.. ayoko n s knya, at un chapter ng life ko na yon is already CLOSED…Napakarami pla tlagang nkakaappreciate sken more than he did. And to think of it, he doesnt dserve me..im happy and my world will no longer spin around a wrong person… ü

> stil workin hard on my studies.. then bawi pko this finals, mxado kc ko nging bc sa other committments ko lately..

> I wish maging ok sa NCAA…. grabe pagod ko ron..ü

> TO THAT PERSON..stop trying to hurt me..cuz ur trying TOO HARD, it doesnt hurt anymore.. u can nver hurt me again, cuz im not gna let u do that…ü hope u stil have a gud life chased by ur bad karma..”just dnt bother me nomo..act like u cnt know me n i dnt knw u aite.” DUH? and what was that? Excuse you.

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