// I’M MOVING ON.. //

I am so tired of people blaming me for stuffs that happened to them.. I know things nver turn out the way it did rite now, if it really wsnt about me too. But these people stopped there. u nver aked ur guys the real reason y.. i know its nt jst about me..n if ur really thinking, u might as well thought about that in the first place, see Mau, u n Michael r jst not meant to be..m nt sayin that we are though, we wre nevr together n u know that…April n Herbert, at first it ws just a bet, but the guy is good, n i had a thing for him cuz of that, he broke up with April not just bcuz of me but bcuz he fell out of love with her, n his friends knows that even b4 i entered the fuckin scene..it just so happen that i was there maybe, im not trying to make excuses here..i just wnt people to see the point! We wre jst together for a monht for God’s sake! I broke up with him cuz i cnt fool myself dat i love Michael…

 that rite now i dnt think its even worth it, u just butt in everytime things r on its rite places like those times that i was still with Nicky..after that u dnt even have d BALLS to be wit me? ur such a COWARD Michael! u know even wre too far we cud work things out if u really want to but u dont! I even chose u over Herbert, even i know he’s a good man n he takes good care of me, but u dnt even see that..n now that u know dat ur not not gna lose me for sure u stopped talkin to me na? Ur tellin me na nagkulang ako? THAT’S CRAP..mababaw ka Michael! pinagpapasenxahan kita sa mga toyo mo na dko maintintdihan minsan but i tried to..cuz i dnt wnt to lose u, n i thought i got a gud thing rite there..pero hindi nmn pla! even b4 Mau hv told me those stuffs, nbabasa ko namn sa comments mo..una ngbubulagbulagan pko, n i believe everything that u say..pero honestly leche ka! puro kaflirtan inaatupag mo…please lng Michael change all your passwords dahil ntetempt lng ako icheck un acct mo, pero ako naman un nsasaktan..lhat n yta ng babae sinabihan mo na “i think i saw u b4”..

Im so tired about this whole setup w/c is BULLSHIT! i thought my pupuntahan..wala pla tlga..Michael at least i tried, n my friends knws that, dami ko n nga tnurn down cuz of u, but it doesnt matter pla..i forgot that im really single..

And people na still blaming me for everything n nangyare, will you please just move on, cuz me im sick n tired of it..its nt gna help.. its over n done with..stop acting like inaangasan nio ko or watever cuz im not afraid…tpos na kc, only people like you who are so immature cnt let go..

Michael im letting you go…do watever u wna do.. dun k naman yta tlga msaya.. ders no one holding u back no more..sayo na DESTINY mo..i never believed it anyways until u sed u do, n u almost made me believe..but no.. IM THE ONE HUS GNA MAKE MINE..its just ur excuse of letting things happen instead of making things happen.. and now u made this happen…IT WAS UR CHOICE..

im feeling better now..buti pati Ish n Ingrid are there for me..Ingrid once sed that ” para kang nagmamahal ng bula, na anytime pwedeng mawala..” n maybe dats wat is happening rite now..probably she’s rite..




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