i thought she ws sayin d other way around..she’s mad, n i understand y she is cuz its my bad, but im not a kid hu dsnt knw hw to admit my mistake ok..  i said sorry..ITS OVER!ü she dnt hve to say stufs like wat she told me on myspace..

im not trying to be mean but what knd of a question is “do you still love him” honestly im not a type of grl that juist go out wit boys causes they thnk there hott or they dont want to be single. it to awhile for me to be in another relationship but no i dont….i wouldnt be with my boyfriend now if i still did…stuff like that can really hurt someone at the end…i love my boyfriend aj so much and no other guy can take taht away. another thing is that i’ll admit there times that people cn say that im mean and i talk alot of stuff if michael told, but really im just a type of person that if i something to say i’ll say it wheather its bad or good…one more thng the main reason why at first i asked you if u and mike were going out is bcuz he kicks with so many other grl and for someone his age i thnk that most immature thing to do and if you guys were together at that time i only got one thng to say your dont need someone like that and your to pretty to be treated bogus like taht” ..-MAU

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1 Response to ENTRY 42: MY BAD.

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi – wow – you are gorgeous!! my compliments…Please stop by at my site and leave a comment… see ya

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