I was so busy this past few week.. but of course il always find time on my bloggiee.. rite now im busy workin on the upcoming NCAA cheerdance competition, im not sure of the date yet but from Feb. 18 immove pa yta.. i duno.. i mean super tiring ang practice, stretching plang im dead..lol now nlng kc ako again nkpagsplit though b4 marunong nman ako tlga..anyways, the steps are really good. msaya sa group..everytime n my practice as in super happieee, kc ok un co-dancers ko..so im really havin a great time..ü
well its a new world for me..


was talkin to Ish earlier bout Mike stuff she told me about his status on ym thingy, n i duno hus MA is that, all i know is its not me.. i mean really its like il just eat my heart out, cuz i dnt even have the rite to ask n cuz we hvnt talked for the longest time n im not sure if we’ll evr talk again or wut..i hate it! really.. its not even about wat Mau told mu or sumthin, b4 she told me those stuffs were nt talkin rite..i have no fuckin idea.. Ish told me not to worry cuz she said i dnt deserve sum1 like that..well, i agree i deserve nothin less, but.. maybe its bcuz i really love him.. im not like Mau hu said “she gets into a relationship if she thinks that d guy is hOot n he dsnt wnt to be single” thingy.. im nt dat kinda gurl.. i want sum1 for keeps..n God knows dat.. Anyways keepin myself busy wud be a great help i think..haha! I WISH…

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