// here we go again //

hay… my hair is done yesterday..it tuned out good naman..haha.. my complxn looks lighter tuloy..anyway im at skul ryt now, guess wat? knina this Jei un friend ni April ( Herbert’s ex), was thre sa rum ko, then wen i entered the rum wit Ingrid, i saw him soO nakatingin ako s knya..then wen i took my seat, he goes like freakin out or sumthin na “Bakit kc titingin pa e..”haha sken it was nothin, my mata ako so natural pwede akong tumingin, haha..all crap, then all of a sudden he was like tellin everyboby in the rum dat he’s pissed, DAHIL INIRAPAN KO DAWhahaha! well i didnt..and y would i do that, ayoko ng gulo and i wont waste time para gawin yon, nun ngang times wen everythin was all messed up, i ddnt say a thing.. now pa..”WAG KANG GUMAWA NG USAP”.. so yea that’s for Jei wg kc exagg!..I dnt care about u kc, kaya do d same thing nlng..haha! PEACE OUT!

Anyways, i saw my crushie on my way here to the surfin lab, damn he’s really a good package tlga..He said hi pa nga e..haha! kung alam lng nia..lol *blushing!*..

im tired, i dont wana go to class nga e.. i wana sleep! but i stil got 2 more classes to attend! watever!


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