// SiNgLe //

Its rainin outside rite now.. i cant sleep.. stuffs are jst buttin in my head..Kanina on our way home, ish & i were talking bout my ex, Herbert kc we saw him at the terminal and she’s with his new gurlfriend. then npapatawa p nga kme kc she was teasin me, i ddnt gave him a second glance kc, so wen ish looked at him sabi nia habol tingin dw sken, i dunno maybe shes jst playin..but i knw he saw me though..Anyways i said im really happy for Herbert that he finally(i wish..)found wat he’s lookin 4, and wen he smiles, i knoe that he’s really hapi..i mean hell ya, he deserves to be, he’s a good guy. I mean everythin is falling to places na, lhat masaya, as well as the person na pinakanasaktan, Herbert’s ex April, i think she’s happy nrin naman..

Then we started talkin about Michael, ish said na prang ngbluff lng c Mike, that he butted in to my life again wen i had a boyfriend, dats y i broke up with Herbert, pero now, we havnt talk in forever, haha…wala lng i ddnt say sumthin, pero of course npapaicp ako..rite now i jst dnt wna give myself any worries, im too busy sa studies, ojt..so i hve no time..

I think dis is the best set-up for Michael & i..NO STRINGS ATTATCHED. So ya.. gnon n nga,im single   il just enjoy that for now..and i dunno, my mga lumalapit naman jan soO we’ll never knoe! lol.. i dnt wna close my doors for people hu wna enter my life n gve it a shot..malay naman nten rite.. Basta im happy rite now cuz im doin well in everythin i do, and ima keep that up… i dunno ha, but its true that wen u get older, things change, i mean my mindset..stuffs like that, d things i wna do n accomplish in the future becomes more visible..and im more certain of wat i really want!



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1 Response to ENTRY 35: ON BEING SINGLE

  1. Spoonman09 says:

    haha for which part?

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