Uhmm..good morning..its 2:51am ryt now.. actually im nt yet done with my paper pero im soO tired na..iL do that first thing in the morning instead..Asar iv been so busy this past weeks i mean, even christmas vacation ingrid n i were still goin to work sa Alabang..ayways, i feel so happy prin nman kht im tired, jst wana thnk God for this day..

Oh i remember, bago n nmn ang phne # d2 sa bahay..jst wna mention..Grabe kanina mejo sad naman ako kc i jst got the 2nd place sa napkin folding, pero ok lng i did well, saya..and i love the costume, i mean its a uniform..sarap pg mraming fields un alam mo..rite now im listening to Monica’s ‘Angel of Mine’ so cno n naman ang bida, haha!..ah ewan i dnt wna talk about it sana, im nt sure if im losing someone here, pero of course i cnt ask him, bka sabihin sken, “u have nothin to lose, im not urs sweetie..” and that sucks, .. but i guess thats jst the way it is, i already got used to it, swear to God i stil cry myself to sleep sumtimes, pero hanggang dun nlng kc kaya kong gwin, im sure naman the nxt day il be fine as new again..Sumtimes nga i really wna knoe wat he thinks, wala lng, i mean i hvnt talk to him like a century na yta, and here cums Maureen, i mean i duno if she’s mad at me o wut, i jst dnt like d way she calls me on her myspace profile, “da chick dat my stupid ex cheated on me with”, u knw dat dsnt sound really gOOd, i thought wala lng ako a knya then i saw it nga, i ws like, so clueless, askin why did she hd 2 send me a xmas greeting then, npapaicp lng ako, nt much about it….bhala na lng c Lord. i got lot of priorities rite now e, n i dnt wna blow that off for a thing dat rite now im really nt sure about if its stil der, i wish o course, sad but dats the least that i cud do..i jst wish he’s always fine, n i promise il stop readin his comments, naaalibadbaran ako sa totoo lng..i mean hellOoo? sumbody’s flirtin and definitely nt me..iL jst stick with my plans, and of course on wat i feel, wla naman ngbago, maybe he’s rite its gna stay like dat forever, i duno s knya..okies…wrap this all up na.. ima go to sleep na..mwuah bloggers!   watever!

**its PEACHY**                                                                 


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