~my day!~

damn im 19…anyways, this past year ive done so many crazy stuffs, you know wat i mean, haha! Super funny how things went out so out of my league, i mean my God..i never meant to hurt people in the first place but i did..dats sad.. ok i wna make a recap of what happened on my 18th year..

If im not mistaken it was 19th of November last year n nging boyfriend ko si Nicky..wel we were just together for four months, i never regret anythin about him though, he’s a good person naman khit papano… When i was 18 i felt like im in the legal age na to do everything i want. But now ko lng narerealize that i acted as a kid pa non, biruin mo magboyfriend just to say that i have a boyfriend..that’s crap! Super pa kung makipagsagutan ako with my father, e1 ko ba.. I only think about mysefl then..

Pero un pinaka magandang nangyare sken last year was un bumalik c Michael, and i thank God for that. It was so magical, i think… we met when we were 13 then after almost five fuckin years, magkikita pa pla kme..Nice one Lord, it was a good twist!!ü Nicky and i were still together then, pero magulo na kme non as in… super, he gets mad a lot, lagi kme nagaaway, he even broke my sim card kasi tamang hinala..malamang kasi gawain niya,haha.. i dunno i never really caught him cheatin on me though..after him i was all about Michael, at first tlagang i tried not to fall for him, kc he’s not here for good, it was just a vacation. pero hinde i fell for this guy, it was the same feeling when we were 13, i mean mas matindi un ngayon, it wasn’t just a crush anymore, haha! back then ok na, not until we stopped talkin for a month i guess.. d naman nabago un feelings ko for him, its still der and God knows about it, pati xa.

Meanwhile, in school.. me and my folks started this bet kasi my guy na nanliligaw sken who has a gurlfriend na..of course i ddnt like that, pati he’s a good friend din, he even introduced his gurl to me back when they were just starting..i turned him down for several times,and he knows that, but he kept on bugging me..That’s when i started to tell my friends about it, and the bet begun…i dnt like him at all namn kc, i even told him that he was mean tryin to cheat on his lil gurlfrnd, my friends said na maiinlove rn daw ako don, but i said no..they said “PUSTAHAN?!”..ok then! the bet was to make this guy fall so deeply inlove and pag ok na, i will leave him na, the point was just to teach him a lesson..and they broke up( the poor gurl and the player)..saka nging kme..the chaos started wen the gurl found out that ako un pinalit..she thought na pinagsabay kme. i have no choice na but to tell him that it was just a bet, kala ko tpos na kme but no, he said he love me khit pinagpustahan lng nmen xa..e buset naman the gurl and her friends were really mad na, well, i cnt blame them though..kasi nga naman ipinagpalit xa ng boyfriend nia, then pustahan lng namn pla, i think she felt like she really lost on that..she did naman tlga.. on my side, susko who wants to be popular for the wrong reason ryt? i ddnt like to be on the spotlight last semester, it was the talk of the town, parang nahati un crowd e, syempre i found out pa who were my friends. basta super gulo sa letran, it was like it was the front page in every tabloid…pinatawag pa kme sa dean’s office and all that,

nun nalaman ni Mike that i got sum1 else na ngcomment pa sken sa myspace, haha! ASAR! syempra we talked again, i thought kc wala n xang pake, wen i found out na nsaktan rin namn pla xa, automatically Herbert and I broke up..voice plang ni Mike over the phone, naiiyak nko, un pa kyang mwala n xa sken??i cnt take that..i think im gona die..Things changed n kc when i found him, natuto ko mgsacrifice, mas maging broad un pagiisip when it comes to him, syempre pati n rin sa ibang stuffs..You’ll know it when ur with the ryt person na. everything turns out good at kahit you dnt say d words i love to hear palagi, uL just feel it, khit hndi pa kme magusap..its so strange nga e, khit til now i really dont get it bkit xa..i think gnon naman tlga, most of the time, there are no explanations for it. He’s the only person na wala akong mkitang panget or un ikakaturn-off or sumthin, its all perfect, i cnt even believe it, tanggap ko lhat ng bagay bout him, khit naman xa e, biruin mo nagmumurahan kme nyan pero no one gets offended, haha!                 anyways..TO BE CONTINUED….

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