“Why is it Im always hurt by the one I love and always been loved by someone I don’t? But the saddest thing is though I try to choose  the one who loves me, my heart still longs for the one who hurts me”


 “I you really love a person, just show it. It will be sweeter than telling it.  But if you don’t love that person anymore just tell it. It’ll be less painful than showing it.”


“Naiisip ko, iwan na kita.. kasi masaya ka naman.. pero kaya ko kyang mawala ka? Palagay ko hinde..tawa mo pa nga lang ayaw ko ng mawala ung ikaw pa kaya?..”

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1 Response to ENTRY 22: QUESTIONS

  1. hey i was born in the Manilla to. Camosta. Still not sure how to say how are you. but im learning. my mom never taught me untill lyk now.

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