Ako i cnt stay mad at him..basta alm ko n anjan xa d ko xa kayang tiisin..bkt xa? kht ryt now d xa sumasagot, d prin ako mgalit s knya..hindi man lng ako maines.. un lng jst wana say dat. gawin ko nlng projct ko sa theo.. if dat wud make him happy, d ko xa kakausapin..basta ok xa. iL be fyn.. sad naman this day. wel, not really.. he said “o bket?” on the phone..at least i heard his voice, haha… i still dont understand y of all the guys around i stil love this guy na super sa toyo, wen he misses me aasarin pa ko and all that.. pero stil its ok wit me. i dno if he appreciates my effort..sana.. pero hndi namn yon ang gusto ko, he doesnt owe me anything 4dat. its my choice. Dami rn nmn dito.. well cguro hndi kc sila si michael…

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