Mt. Banahaw: Ecotourism Tour

September 17-18 2005….          

*** mukhang nkakatakot…… but super peaceful, uL forget ur name, haha!

Camille, ME and Trixie…270 steps down to the “Holy River” of the mountain..

with my buddy Jayson…kapagod!

*Offerin sum prayer..our facilitator told us that we can make a wish after mag-dip!

one, two, three….LUBOG KUNG LUBOG!haha…

   bagong ligo na kami!!! nkapose pa c trix on the background!

Jacky & me… d xa ngbathe…tamad maligo..kiddin!

** sa “Kalbaryo”… which is kalbaryo tlga sa hirap akyatin sobra! pero worth it wen we reached the top! hmmmm…..Fresh air! kakarelax!

Of course we needed a tent! pag d ba naman kme inaswang sa bundok.. aba teka… c mam Angela ayun ngkukutingting  ng cam nia sa tent, hehe!

(Mich, ME & Trix) syempre pa matutulog kame noh! super freezin dat nyt..and guess wat…My close encounter kme with sum1 from the mountain..hndi xa tao…im not kiddin…kakakilabot!

DAY TWO: chattin with our facilitator kuya Tope and kuya Ron wit Jayson! c kuya Jan lumalamon look at him, haha!

Best breakfast!! we ate dilis, danggit and itlog na pula with rice!

*** The Famous 6 ***

Tabing Ilog Cast! haha…maliligo na ulit kme!

Mich and ME

Trail back to Sta. Lucia

while wating 4 the jeep pababa ng Dolores..

picture muna!!! (trix, camille & me…)


On the bus again… pabalik ng Laguna.. mga batang picture!

@ Jayson’s apartment!

Mga bangag na…ayaw pa magsiuwe, haha!

Finally im home..See that picture on my mirror? Dats me & Michael…


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