tomorrow iL be in Mt. Banahaw…haha! my friend told me its really freezin out there kasi nga lalo na now that its already september! damn.. bka naman di nko mkabalik,haha! the other day we attended the orientation, that freakin facilitator sed that un mga lamok don were like 2 inches..and mrami pang mga multo! he even shared his own ghost story… sounds like real adventure, hmmm…. goodluck nlng smen,hahaha! i know enjoy un..or teacher said pa na it wil goin to be like as if we guested sa “extra challenge”…kya lng wala pa kong sleeping bag!.. knina nga sinamahan nko ni mama na mggrocery!.. iL be back to post sum pics in two days! i will miss my site..hahaha!!! much love!

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