I kept journals for as long as I can remember. I covered them with Backstreet Boys centerfolds and wrote “Carter” as my last name. I wrote about how broken hearted I was transfering to a new school after 6th grade, about my highschool sweetheart, about a mean kid in school and how I didnt like what my mom made for dinner one night.

Fast forward to 2004, I was about 18 and just started college, I moved from my book jounals to a website called Xanga. Blogged my heart out there for years shared my journey as a college student to a single mom, flight attendant and daily life experiences, until Xanga was shut down in 2013.

Few months later my husband, helped me migrate my stories here on WordPress and here we are at Hand Luggage & Tea.”

So if you like photography, travel, random advices, daily stories, music, food and cats.. you’re in the right place.